manifesto, February 2017

Every human being is contradictory. It does not exclude myself.
Art is a discipline on value and material. Thus it is a doubled-up philosophy.
This manifesto can be revised at any time.


Think of the value system you subscribe.
Think of the value system that the work denotatively and connotatively represents. 

Do not subscribe the binary value system as nothing is reducible to only two separate categories.
Do not believe in purity as there is no such thing on earth. If something seems too clear and tailored, doubt it first.


idea-materiality, structure-form
Artist is those who think through the material.
Art is your thoughts that have form or attitudes that become form.

Think what the work means within the culture you make and show it.
Think what the work means within the art history.
Think what the work uses within the culture you make and show it.
Think what the work uses within the art history.

Mind the luxation between what I want to say and what each viewer hears. 


Do not believe in the muse or heroic ego of romanticism. Artists are not heroes.
But do not doubt yourself.


Think if the process and the result of a work misrepresent or accuse those who are already marginalized. 

Think ahead who would be the viewer and who could be excluded. 
Artist can decide to mend a work or have a backup plan for those who are excluded.

Think the context of making the work.
Think the context of showing the work.


Be an idealist when imagining a work and be a realist when making it.

The work dose not have to be huge and visually attractive.
The work can be small and unformed.

Either is fine to do one work at a time or several.

Remember to balance between the idea and the materiality even though the very point varies every time.


Do not forget why you are making the work.
Writing it down is helpful.

The first motivation is not necessarily the reason or the goal of the work. 
But it could be helpful for the artist to continue the next work.

Write, forget, and rewrite until you can articulate it in a (few) sentence(s).

You don’t have to explain everything unless you are asked and decide to do so.

Artist’s control on their artwork should stop when it is displayed.


after making
Remember a work is a site where an artist can gets vulnerable.
But also remember your work is not you. This is the safe space that buffers your self and evaluation on your work.


life-work relationship
Make your life and work share the same value.
But have enough distance between your work and your life.
Do not get cracked while living as an artist.

Leave an adequate space to be silly in life. 
Leave an adequate space to be silly in work. 

Do what you want to do as (a part of) your work.
Do what you have to do as (a part of) your work. 
If you have to do something you don't like to do something you like, then you do it. 

It's okay not to make work. Your life is your work. 

Do not put yourself in danger or any kind of misery because no work is worth your life.

Try not to get too skeptical because it will bring your mouth the word ‘whatever’.
Life is not a rainbow’s end, but that is why art is needed.

Have a multiple way to please yourself in the time of disappointment. The result you want might not be instantly and frequently observed. This is why you need a distance from the work. But do not stop because what has not been told enough should be repeatedly spoken. *


Artist is a lonely job. But being lonely is crucial to be an artist.

Learn how to be dependent and discover how to handle loneliness to go further.

Living abroad is recommended. Parallax is a good motivation because it gives stereoscopic view on things. You’ll keep discover what you’ve learned when you go back.


Be persistent but not obsessive.

Be precise but be patient.

Those whom you can talk about your work seriously are very rare. Treat them as best as you can. 

Be a grown up. But never grow up.