Reversed Heliography (ongoing)

2 sets of 12 c-prints tan in the sun on 2 locations (Seoul, Los Angeles)

Lunar New Year Sunrise (2018.02.05)

6:47 am (PST, UTS-8)

34°03’38.8”N 118°17’09.7”W

7:32 am (UTC+9)
37°31’29.4”N 126°58’13.4” E


From the Lunar New Year day of 2019, February 5th, Sejin and Varamini started a project. They both took a photo of the first sunrise of the new lunar year, and exchanged the printed copies to sit them in sun. Since they live in Seoul and Los Angeles each, Seoul’s sunrise image will be in L.A. to tan and vise versa. They will take one copies off of their windows each, every month until the next lunar year(2020. 01.25). Photos are expected to fade and get bluer as the ultraviolet ray of the sun breaks down yellow and magenta pigments more than cyan and black.(Photodegradation)

Seoul Varamini.JPG

L.A. sunrise in Seoul